Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pirmahal Shoes store

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if you agree by It so Plz contact us at
you can Order Online By Email to me
for Online Purchasers Methode
Minimum Order 2 Pairs and
whole Salers
Minimum Order Quentity:100 Pairs
Paiments Transfer in this Account
Account Title:Shahazad Akhter
Account No:01747900095801
Bank Name:Habib Bank Paiskan
Branch Name:Rajana Road Pirmahal. 

Shipping and handling / Return policy / Payment details
Ship and Payment Methods
Minimum Local Cusmtomer of globle
Mini order,2 Pairs
and wholesaler Mini Order 100 Pairs.
Ship To Mr.Shahzad Akhter ( Paid your Paiments Online or
Bank Draft To Shahzad Akhter.
if you send me order so paid $50 In Account with Order Sheet as Security Deposit Fee.When I Recived your Order by email or online so we inform to you in one Email with Terms and Conditions Agreement.and Ship Method Form will sent to you.if you Datio your Order so inform us in one week otherwise we Terminate your Order and Expropriate your Security Deposit Fee.if Customer Terminate so Customer Responsible itself. we should changes your order short or large on your demands.

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