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Chak 667/8 GB, Pir Mahal, Punjab, Pakistan

Chak 667/8 GB (Urdu: چک ۶۶۷/۸ گ ب) is a small village of Pir Mahal city, Tehsil is Pir Mahal and District is Toba Take Singh in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is at 30°44'55N 72°27'44E with an altitude of 100 meters (200 feet). Chak 667/8 GB Also known as Chak 667 GB.


It's an old village but population is not a lot. First in this village some Sikh families lived but when Pakistan found then Sikh families left the village and settled in India. Similarly, Some Muslim families left the India and settled in this village.


In this village people are well educated that is why it's a birth place of many famous teachers.
Some of famous teachers name are below:
  • Master Allah Ditta
  • Master Abdul Aziz (Late)
  • Master Ishfaq
  • Madem Sabiha
Being close to the Pir Mahal city this village has 2 Government Primary schools and 1 Private Primary school and also 2 Religious schools for Quran study. The name of Schools are below:
  1. Government Boys Primary School
  2. Government Girls Primary School
  3. Al-Madani Public School (المدنی پبلک سکول) (Co-Education)
  4. Madrisah Khadija-tul-Qubra Lalbinaat (مدرسة خديجة الكبرى للبنات)
  5. Madrisah Taleem-ul-Quran (مدرسہ تعلیم القرآن)

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PTBT demands tehsil status for Pirmahal

TOBA TEK SINGH - Pirmahal Tehsil Banao Tanzeem  Chairman Dr Maqsood has said that opportunist politicians of Pirmahal area were doing nothing to get Pirmahal status of tehsil but when it will be declared as tehsil, they will try to get its credit in their names. He was addressing a press conference here. He said that CM should fulfill his promise which he had made three years ago during a visit and should give Pirmahal the status of tehsil.   –Reporter
Tanzeem General Secretary advocate Mian Zahid Hussain was also present on the occasion.
SECTION 144 CRPC IMPOSED: DCO Javed Iqbal Bukhari banned in his order under Section 144 CrPC, entry of any person within 100 yards around the examination centres of centres of annual 5th and 8th classes except a candidate or member of supervisory staff here on Monday.